A Cute Little Skinny Girl...

I've been really lucky throughout my whole life that I've never really been made fun of for being fat. In fact, I've only been blatantly called "fat" twice in my life.
I'm very grateful for this as I know that there are overweight kids out there who have to go through hell every day.
I guess people have never really made fun of me because they like my personality. I've always prided myself in my good-natured manner and perpetual kindness towards others.

I want to be skinny so badly.
I want to wear cute outfits.
I want boys to love me.
I want to not worry about my health as I age.
I want my outside to be as beautiful as my inside.

A cute little skinny girl is all I want to be...

Age: 18
Height: 5'0"
Starting Weight: 150.2 lbs.
Goal Weight: 105 lbs.



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  6. I’ve been drinking only water for days and it seems to be working.

    Also, I’ve decreased the quantity of my food. The only problem I have is that I feel like eating whenever I’m bored in my house. I haven’t really given in but it’s harder to not think about food when I have absolutely nothing to do. That’s why I love going to work. There’s ALWAYS something that needs to get done. It distracts me from thinking about food.